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Visual Effects That Will Shock you

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Here are the visual effects that will stun you. While watching a movie, you may somehow see the characters and events which are impossible to happen in real life.

An example of this is the Jurassic Park Movie. Obviously the visual effect here are the dinosaurs.  In a movie, 90-95 % is a result of a visual effect. It is not easy to edit a movie also. There are many times that when movie critic comes up, they go immediately for visual effect.

Another is the 2012 movie.

That movie is very amazing for its visual effect since they portrayed the most important event that might happen in the future. It is not only about that, it is how they made the movie so realistic to watch. All animations and cartoons is 100 percent created by visual effect. This is why people like movies more than theatre programs, because of visual effect. Davy Jones in ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’. The visual effect is so amazing and it is very convincing to the ability of computers.

One thing that catches your attention while watching is the use of visual effect to show the acting under the sea. Like they use swimming pool or aquarium plus visual effect in order to show a certain scene under the sea. Waves can be created although there is no really waves.

Even a person can be an animal. Of course it is not very necessary whether the movie is done realistically for as long as the movie is completed.

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