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Featuring my country: The 12 interesting facts about Russia

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This part of the article is about my home country which is Russia. Russia is the biggest country in the world but it is not just that feature that makes it special. There are many things that you can learn and understand about our country. Many visitors have come here to see this beautiful country. Even if there are many not good things about it like the views and stand on war and violence but it is a good country and safe one to discover.

Have you discovered an amazing fact that this country has more women than men? It is true and they are also beautiful. That is the first fact in the video above that gives the twelve amazing facts about Russia. The reason behind that fact is quite not good as it is because of the early death of men due to alcoholism and there is still the effect of war. What else have you learned in the video? I love that Russia has many forests. So I get my travel visa from this agency guiding me to experience the best weather of Russia, 新中旅. It means it is a truly beautiful country that if you erased the negativeness you will be full of wonder.

The volcanoes of Kamchatka is interesting as it has a total of one hundred sixty volcanoes and among them twenty-nine is active. I would not want to be there when someone erupts though. But the sight is very beautiful especially if it is covered with snow. You may enjoy travel here getting you application of visa and fee here over this info.  There are more amazing facts about Russia in the video.

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